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Z. Lan.
22 years of age.
Washington State

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"Genuine equality means not treating everyone the same, but attending equally to everyone’s different needs."
Eagleton, Terry, Why Marx Was Right (Yale University Press, 2011) p.5 (via boro-bemir)

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"Your Ruh (soul) will never find satisfaction in any thing other then Allah(swt)."
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"There are 45 muslim countries. Not one of them has assaulted a western country in the past 200 years. It was always us who attacked militarily (…) When I read that still 83% of Germans think Muslims are fanatics, it becomes clear how little we know about the Muslim world. The fanatics are sitting in the West."

Inteview with Jürgen Todenhoffer, author of “Why do you kill Zaid”


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Why is it a norm to have such an expensive, extravagant, and over the top wedding?

Oh! To put the newlyweds in debt at the start of their marriage, good plan.

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"Make sure you marry someone who laughs at the same things you do."
J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye (via nooralogy)

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The movie, Taqwacore, is a complete joke. A slap in the face to Islam.

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"Forgive as many times as you want Allah to forgive you"
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